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The History of Special Education Law, Part Two

Last week we began our delve into the history of special education law in the United States with a review of the special education from its inception through the impact of Brown vs. Board of Education. This week, we are exploring the steps the federal government takes to protect special education students in the more recent history of special education law. Elementary and Secondary Education Act Of 1965 Congress passes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to try and balance the inequality of educational opportunities for children of different socioeconomic classes. They sign this act into law in 1965. [...]

The History of Special Education Law

Special education law has a long history in the United States, and it is not always a pretty history. To understand our modern special education system, we need to look at the past. An examination of the history of special education law helps us understand how we arrive at the current state of things. Read on to learn about the history of special education law in the United States. Early Programs The idea of special education first becomes popular in America in the late 1800s, specifically the 1890s. Unfortunately, the earliest programs have some significant issues that limit their ability [...]

Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Everybody gets stressed out about their job sometimes. It is a simple fact of life. However, regular workplace conflict costs businesses productivity and often discourages employees from investing energy in their work. This makes conflict resolution one of the most important skills for workplace leaders to acquire. Read on to learn key tips to avoid conflict in the workplace as well as the steps for conflict resolution. Steps to Conflict Resolution Begin the process by laying down the ground rules of respect and active listening. If nobody lays down those rules, it is easy for the conflict resolution to devolve [...]

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Qualities To Look For In A Business Partner

Working with small business law, one of the key components to look at is contract disputes. Unfortunately, those contract disputes are all too often between business partners. To avoid getting to the point where partners are battling one another in the court of law, it is important to know what to look for in a business partner. This week, we are outlining exactly which qualities to look for in a business partner. Shared Vision Of The Future This is perhaps one of the most important things to determine before entering into a business partnership with someone. If the two of [...]

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IDEA Compliance: How Does Your State Rank?

Every year the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education evaluates how each estate is maintaining IDEA compliance. They help states see where they need improvement and what they succeed in. Read on to learn about IDEA compliance in your state. The Categories The Department of Education places the states in three categories. Meets IDEA requirements and purposes Needs Assistance to achieve IDEA compliance Needs Intervention to achieve IDEA compliance Additionally there are two parts to IDEA. Part B contains requirements for students ages three through twenty-one. Part C contains requirements for students ages zero to two. The [...]

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Independent Contractors Vs. Employees: Employment Law

Many small businesses rely on independent contractors for a lot. For some businesses, they are integral to day to day operations. For others, independent contractors are for special projects and services. And with the rise of the gig economy, you’ll probably find yourself using contractors even more often. You can face major penalties if you mix up independent contractors and employees. However, it is important for tax reasons to keep them separate. The IRS uses about 20 factors t0 determine if someone is a contractor or employee. However, there’s really five core issues that the IRS will look at. 5 [...]

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Small Business Internet Security and Law: Considerations and Tips

Your small business may need legal protection to fight back against breaches of security. Internet security best practices only go so far. You can do all the right things, and still fall victim to cybercrime in the Florida area. If you do, it’s best to have a lawyer to help you out. Best Practices for Internet Security Proper Training for Employees For a lot of small businesses, breaches occur through employee mistakes. If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve probably had to learn a ton about internet security and best practices over the years to run your business. [...]

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What To Consider When Selling Your Business

If you want to try selling your business, then ideally you want to meet certain conditions. Businesses need three good historical years, with a forecast projecting positive growth. Too often, however, the projected results are out of proportion. Read on to learn what business owners must consider when they are selling their business. No New Major Investments It is important to ensure that the fixed assets, such as machines and installations, do not require large (replacement) investments. Optimizing a business for sale implies that no major investments are needed during or shortly after the sale of the business because it [...]

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Setting Up Contracts & NDAs

Almost every business has or will have to deal with personnel. For this reason, businesses often use employment contracts & NDAs for all employees. Therefore, it is important that this employment contract is correctly setup. The employer lays down the agreements between themselves and the employee in this employment contract. But which agreements do the employment contract cover? Join us as we explain setting up contracts & NDAs. Payment Payment is perhaps one of the most important components of contracts & NDAs. The employee provides labor in exchange for payment by the employer. The activities are laid down in the [...]

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Divorce With A Child: How Do You Do That?

Deciding to split up is a tough decision. Divorce with a child in the mix is even more complicated. But if you are unhappy in the relationship, it is usually the best option. Both for you and your children. Although it may be better for the family situation to separate, a divorce has a lot of impact on a child. It is a violent emotional event, with a lot of changes. When breaking up with a child, it's important to avoid a fight divorce. Research has shown that a divorce from combat causes a high risk of behavioral problems in [...]

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Leasing Office Space: What Costs To Consider

When you are looking at leasing new office space, you only look at the rental price to see if an office is within your budget. The net rent is only part of the total cost of the rent. After all, there are many more costs involved than just the monthly rent. In order to indicate whether an office is cheap or expensive, it is necessary to look at the costs per workplace per employee. When calculating the total costs of leasing an office space, there are several categories that complete the picture. In order to indicate whether an office is [...]

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Foster Care Adoption in Florida

There are many paths to adoption in Florida. In this article, explore a recently expanding option for many families: a foster care adoption. Read on below to find out more and see if this is the right path for your family. Temporary To Permanent Care If you are already a foster parent or are interested in becoming a foster parent, this could be an option. In this instance a child is placed in your care temporarily with the goal of reuniting with their biological family. If, however, their biological family has their parental rights subsequently terminated, you can then begin [...]

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Why Businesses Need A Terms Of Service

Every business should have a Terms of Service. Also known as a terms and conditions, this document holds key legal information in regards to your business. Your consumer should have this information readily available to them in regards to your business services or goods. But, what exactly does this document contain and what does it do? In this article, we will be answering these questions and more. The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice. Every legal agreement is subject to the provisions of the law they incorporate. As a rule, seek personalized legal advice [...]

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Custody Disputes: Litigation Vs. Mitigation

A custody dispute can be a difficult place to find yourself in. In Florida, custody often favors the mother even if the father is equally an effective parent. That fact alone puts parents in an unfavorable situation for settling custody disputes. Disputes can pend for weeks to months, depending on the back and forth between the parents. So, what can't be solved in mediation often goes to court. In this article, we will talk about what the processes are in regards to custody disputes. The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice. Every legal agreement [...]

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The Impact Coronavirus Has On Special Education

The impact the coronavirus has had on special education is considerable. Students are home each day, many without formal educational guidance. While these results aren't intentional, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, children of special education can fall behind. Yet, there are actionable steps that you can take as a parent to champion the education of your special education student. In this article, we will discuss actions you can take to help your child. The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice. Every legal agreement is subject to the provisions of the law they incorporate. As [...]

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Coronavirus Impact On Joint Custody

It's fair to say that joint custody is a hard won battle. After all, most custody arrangements include some sort of division on parental obligations. Compromise is healthy for functioning joint custody arrangements. But, how exactly does a custody hand-off work during a pandemic? The focus of our article today is to shed light on how the coronavirus may impact your joint custody. Remember the times where you could just switch custody days at will? That was a great benefit of joint custody. Notice the past tense. The coronavirus is reshaping the world with every infection. Children are now home [...]

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Pros and Cons Of Mainstreaming A Special Education Student

People who are already parents to a special education student are likely very familiar with the concept of mainstreaming. The federal IDEA legislation requires mainstreaming, so it is important for both education professionals as well as parents to know all about mainstreaming. This week we are exploring mainstreaming. Read on to learn the pros and cons of the process as well as what exactly mainstreaming is. Mainstreaming Defined Essentially, it means placing a special education student in a classroom alongside peers who do not have any disabilities. Usually, mainstreaming is not for student’s entire schedule. It is totally suitable to [...]

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The Adoption Process Step-By-Step

Adoption is an amazing process that connects children who need a home with parents who want a child. However, the adoption process itself is fraught with forked paths and confusing instructions. This week, we are breaking down the adoption process into understandable steps to help potential parents understand. Read on to review the adoption process step-by-step. Disclaimer As stated above, the adoption process is highly complicated and there are many different possible paths. This article is intended as a general guide for the adoption process, not a precise map. Step One: Decide On The Type Of Adoption You Want There [...]

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Contract Disputes In Hollywood, Part Two

Every industry has contracts, which come in many varieties: written, oral, formal, informal…the list can go on. The film industry in particular has a long and storied history of contracts. This means that the industry also has a long and storied history of contract disputes. This week we are continuing our exploration of contract disputes in Hollywood. Read on to learn more about modern Hollywood contract disputes and how they ended. Suit: George Miller Vs. Warner Brothers George Miller is the author of the Mad Max series, which got a revamp in 2015 with Mad Max: Fury Road. The broad [...]

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Contract Disputes In Hollywood, Part One

Every industry has contracts of some sort: written, oral, formal, informal…the list can go on. Hollywood and the film industry have a long and storied history of contracts. This means that the industry also has a long and storied history of contract disputes. This week we are exploring contract disputes in Hollywood. Read on to learn about Hollywood’s long history of contracts and some modern Hollywood contract disputes. The Studio System The studio system in Hollywood is perhaps the grandmother of intense contracts. Stars in the system were milked for all they were worth, and their contracts were all consuming. [...]

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