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What is Family Law Mediation?

What is Family Law Mediation? Eventually, you may find that you need a mediator in your divorce. You can ask for mediation services, or the court may see things aren't going well and order mediation. In the State of Florida, mediation provides Family Mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court. In a divorce, it's common for disputes to crop up. It's just as common for these disputes to be irreconcilable between the divorcing parties. This is why mediation services are so useful. Most contested divorce cases find resolution through mediation services. The Florida Supreme Court has guidelines about how long [...]

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What is a Post-Decree Modification?

What is a Post-Decree Modification? When many people get divorced, they assume that the judge's word is final. Many people thus assume that neither party can change how the divorce ruling affects their future. Some situations can let you enact a post-decree modification even after the judge finalizes it. You may think that you and your ex can work this out between yourselves. However, doing things in an informal way like this can open you both up to exploitation and disputes down the line. Courts also don't tend to favor these sorts of arrangements. A court can and will not [...]

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Is Adoption Right for Me?

Is Adoption Right for Me? Having a child is a major step for many couples ready to move into a new stage in their lives. For some of these couples, adoption seems like an appealing choice. There are many reasons a couple may take an interest in adoption. Some may have medical or ethical considerations. Others may not feel that the burden of pregnancy fits their situation. In homes where the desire to nurture a child's development is strong, many choose adoption. But it is a choice that parents must make after careful consideration. If you're thinking about adopting, ask [...]

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What Are Florida’s Adoption Requirements?

What Are Florida's Adoption Requirements? Whenever family law involves children, we invoke a common phrase. We frame everything according to the child's best interest. This context allows us to make clear choices that benefit a parent. This is true for biologically related families as well as those who adopt. To protect our children, Florida has adoption requirements that families must meet. These requirements help prepare you for your coming responsibilities. If you are considering adoption, it would be good to inform yourself of the requirements. In this article, we will cover your questions about Florida's adoption requirements in a general [...]

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Are Custody Laws Different for Unmarried Parents?

Are Custody Laws Different for Unmarried Parents? It's always hard when a family separates. Even when marriage isn't present, a family still is. When that family has children, things are even more difficult. Parents need to try to reach a mutual understanding and compromise when dealing with custody laws. This makes things easier on both the parents and any children involved... But it isn't always easy. The lack of a marriage can also muddy the waters, as most mediation assumes the presence of a divorce. Do unwed fathers have rights in Florida? Can a mother keep the father away in [...]

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What Happens to My Business in a Divorce?

TWhat Happens to My Business in a Divorce? Divorce is a complex and multi-faceted process. It can be very emotional, too. In that sense, it's a bit like running a business. Businesses are one of the first things that come up when we get questions about divorce. The State of Florida has statutes that seek even distribution of assets during a divorce. In an ideal situation, you will split your assets 50/50 – Including stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets. Businesses are sometimes considered marital assets, which they factor into this split. A Marital Settlement Agreement or divorce judgment [...]

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How Long Does Child Support Last in Florida?

How Long Does Child Support Last in Florida? Couples facing a divorce have many complex considerations to make. Between alimony and legal expenses, many things can cost a lot in this process. One of the costs that people worry the most about is child support. While some people may be aware of how we determine the amount of the payment... Few people know how long these payments last. Yet, it's one of the most common questions attorneys in family law hear about. At Thompson Law, we're here to help you understand more about child support and its nuances. Can Child [...]

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Child Custody in Florida

Child Custody in Florida When you're facing down a divorce with children involved, you're going to be thinking of many different things. Alimony, asset distribution, what happens to your property, and so on… But one thing that you might think you understand that you're probably totally wrong about is the idea of child custody. Child custody does not exist in Florida. So what do we mean by that – Who will your child live with after a divorce? To understand what may happen with your children and where they will live, continue reading this article. Parenting Laws in Florida Fla.Stat§61.13 [...]

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Deciding College Payments After Divorce

Deciding College Payments After Divorce With so many questions going through your head during a divorce, many of them are bound to be financial. After all, if you have children, you know how expensive they can be. Even the price of daycare can be a massive expense... But it has nothing on the fees college can bring to the table. Even married families struggle to pay for college, so what if your family separates? After all, several states have clauses and requirements that enforce college payments. Many people even factor it into thinking about child support. But what's the case [...]

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Information About Alimony in Florida

Information About Alimony in Florida When going through the divorce process, you may hear the word alimony thrown around without understanding what exactly that is. To make understanding alimony more complicated, there are even several different kinds of alimony in Florida. Alimony is a payment that one former spouse makes to another to help provide support during a difficult period of bereavement and ensure that one does not suffer too great a shift in their quality of life after the divorce. This article will cover the four different types of alimony present in Florida and explain some further questions you [...]

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Do Children Testify During a Divorce?

Do Children Testify During a Divorce? A divorce between two people without children is hard enough. However, it's sometimes unavoidable that couples with children seek a divorce, too. In these situations, the whole family experiences the divorce process and its effects. In sadder circumstances, the children can become another asset to fight over. It can be easy to seek ways to hurt your ex's feelings during this emotional time, but you must think of your children. How you act during the divorce will have long-lasting effects on the divorce and your children. Children who experience a divorce during their formative [...]

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PEACE During Your Divorce

PEACE During Your Divorce Divorce is a difficult period, which can be outright traumatic and harrowing to go through. However, Florida has several vital statutes to offer support and guidance to those experiencing the often brutal transition from life as a family to living as separated individuals. These laws are in place to preserve the integrity and dignity of marriage and protect meaningful relationships, to promote the resolution of disputes in a civil manner, and to limit the amount of harm ex-spouses, and their children experience due to an end of the marriage. Otherwise known as 'keeping the peace'. With [...]

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Property Division and Real Estate

Property Division and Real Estate Couples who make real estate purchases and related decisions make significant investments that represent the real possibility of serious loss and can bring serious challenges in a divorce. Like all states, Florida has its own laws, rulings, and statutes about how property division is handled during the divorce process. So how does Florida address property during a divorce? Division of Real Estate Holdings According to Florida statutes, Civil Practice and Procedure § 61.075, et seq and Estates and Trusts § 732.216, et seq. - The latter of which is also referred to as the Florida [...]

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Vague Contract Terms

Everyone, at some point in their life, enters into a contractual transaction. It might be a simple contract, such as ordering an item of food from a fast-food restaurant. On the other hand, it might be more complex. For example, negotiating a hundred-year lease on a commercial property for a well-known business. For the average person, the majority of contracts will be straightforward to use. Sometimes, however, contracts may use vague terms that may impact the enforcement of the contract. Although this may happen in any contract, it most often happens with business owners attempt to negotiate contractual terms. In [...]

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Guardians Ad Litem In Divorce Proceedings

An unfortunate reality is that divorces happen. Many times these divorces can result in very contentious cases that can become amplified when there are children involved. When divorcing parents cannot decide on how to move forward concerning children's custody, the court may appoint a representative. These representatives are guardians ad litem, and they assist the court in deciding the best interest of the child. In this article, we will discuss the role of a guardian ad litem in a divorce proceeding. What Are Guardians Ad Litem? In our previous article, "Guardian Ad Litem, What is That?" we discussed what a [...]

October 22nd, 2021|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Foreign Judgment In Florida Family Court

There's a joke about Florida that it is actually four states that get along well enough to act as one. Due to low tax rates, housing opportunities, and climate, Florida is always growing. The state has an influx of new residents from other states and countries. As a result of this migration pattern, it is common for courts to see family court judgments from outside jurisdictions. In this article, we will discuss the process of getting a Florida court to recognize and enforce a foreign judgment. What Is A Foreign Judgment? Under Florida law, a "foreign" judgment is any legal [...]

October 14th, 2021|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Compensatory Education For Special Needs Children

As of the writing of this article, the world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year. A new wave resulting from the Delta variant of COVID-19 has been wreaking additional havoc throughout the state in Florida. It is creating more uncertainty as to what will happen with the 2021-2022 school year. The loss of public school system services can be very damaging to the future and well-being of special-needs children. In this article, we will discuss compensatory education and how it may help school-aged special needs children. What Is Compensatory Education? Compensatory education is an option [...]

October 8th, 2021|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Assets Acquired After Filing For Divorce

The majority of couples do not contemplate their marriage ending in divorce. Even when a couple signs a prenuptial agreement before the marriage, it is usually to protect existing assets; it is not indicative of wishing to get a divorce. Unfortunately, over fifty percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. With that in mind, there is a possibility that a couple will need to determine how to split marital assets. That is a complicated endeavor to begin with. However, what happens if one or both partners acquire assets after filing for divorce but before the court grants [...]

September 29th, 2021|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Child Custody Interference

Divorce proceedings are usually emotional for the parties involved. It is not easy for a couple who at one point was in love with each other to come to terms that their marriage may be over. This is tough when the marriage ends amicably but becomes even more difficult when there is jealousy or hurt feelings involved. Add to the mix of child custody issues, it might lead one parent to act in an irrational behavior such as kidnapping their child so as not to lose custodial rights. In this article, we will discuss what can happen if child custody [...]

September 21st, 2021|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Prohibiting Seclusion In Public Schools

In the United States, students with disabilities are entitled to special accommodations at public schools to assist them with their development. In some cases, schools will mainstream many of these students into the general student body. On the other hand, there are students keep in specialized classes suited to meet their physical, mental, and emotional needs. A challenge that many of these schools have is deciding the best form of discipline for many of these students. One controversial form of punishment that many educators in the State of Florida implemented in the past was something called seclusion. On June 21, [...]

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