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End of Alimony: When Does That Happen?

Part of your divorce agreement may have included an award of alimony. One of the most important things you can do post-divorce is to make financial preparations for when that alimony comes to an end. It is important in your preparations that you fully understand the terms of your alimony so that you know exactly when alimony will end. Each state and every divorce is different, so the terms will be specific to you and your situation. It is important that you speak with your attorney to be sure that you fully understand the alimony arrangement. There are different types [...]

October 23rd, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer can be daunting. Divorce is a life-altering decision. Not knowing what to expect makes the situation all the more harrowing. What do you need to bring with you? What questions are you likely to be asked? The stress of the unknown can be overwhelming. In this article we will discuss what you need to know about your first meeting with a divorce lawyer. Documents You Need In order to be prepared for your first meeting with your divorce attorney, there are a couple of documents you can prepare to make the meeting run [...]

October 9th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Child Custody and Relocation

A new job, a new relationship, moving closer to family, or all of the above can all be reasons you want to change child custody and relocation. However, if you are sharing custody with your ex, it can make things more difficult. If your divorce and custody agreement were finalized in the state of Florida, there are only a select number of circumstances where relocation is allowed. The first priority is always what is in the best interest of the children. Before relocating, it is important that you speak with your attorney. This ensures that you are familiar with the [...]

October 3rd, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|

Divorce Don’ts: What Not To Do in a Divorce

Divorce is never easy. It is an emotional and stressful decision to make, and the process can be even more so. With all the different aspects of your life being weighed and measured and examined and divided, you may wonder what you should or should not be doing throughout the divorce process. Of course, you should speak with you attorney at every step of the journey to ensure that nothing is left out, but there are a few divorce don'ts. Divorce don'ts are things to avoid do if you want to make a clean break with your divorce. Do not [...]

September 24th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

What To Consider Before Divorce

Divorce is a big decision, not one to make lightly. There is a definite reason why it is on the list of top stressors in a human life among moving, having a child, marriage, and buying a house. So before calling it quits, there are a few things to consider before divorce. It is important that you fully understand all your options and the ramifications before starting the process. Separation Divorce is not always the best choice. For some people, there may still be hope between the spouses of an eventual reconciliation. Perhaps some time apart will allow you and/or [...]

September 18th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

How Divorce Affects Your Career

You might think that divorce only changes things in your home life. However, with all the stress and changes to the routines at home, divorce also affects your career as well. If you were not working before the divorce, you may suddenly find yourself in need of a job in order to support yourself. If you were employed before the divorce, changes to your home life could mean you need to cut back on hours or take a demotion in order to balance work and home. This is especially true if you have children who you will now be caring [...]

September 11th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

Discipline While Co-Parenting: Find The Balance

It is a universal truth that at some point in your parenting journey you will need to discipline your child. What form that discipline takes may vary from person to person. But in order for your child to learn and become a better person, they must be taught. The question is: how do you navigate discipline when you are divorced and co-parenting? Co-parenting is complicated enough but add discipline into the mix and it can become even more difficult. Remember that it is an adjustment for everyone involved, so there will naturally be a learning curve. Be patient with one [...]

September 4th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

The Most Common Business Contracts

Contracts are essential to keeping a business moving, and this is especially true for locally-owned and small business. Paperwork protects both businesses and clients, and also keeps everyone’s intentions and desires clear. This week, we are exploring the most common business contracts that you encounter as a business owner and entrepreneur. Partnership Agreement While some entrepreneurs and owners are independent, many others work with a partner. While there are some challenges associated with business partnership, they are oftentimes fruitful. In order to keep any significant issues at bay, partnership agreements are essential. A good partnership agreement is like a plan [...]

Child Dependency Action Process

“Child dependency action” is the official legal way of discussing the process that happens when abuse allegations are made. In the state of Florida, that means that the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is conducting the investigation. Allegations are made by teachers, doctors, or other people in the child’s life. Read on to learn about the actual process of a child dependency action. Before We Begin If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, neglect, or abandonment as a minor, report the problem to the Florida DCF. They have ways to report online, as well as telephone, TTY, [...]

August 21st, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

The History of Special Education Law, Part Two

Last week we began our delve into the history of special education law in the United States with a review of the special education from its inception through the impact of Brown vs. Board of Education. This week, we are exploring the steps the federal government takes to protect special education students in the more recent history of special education law. Elementary and Secondary Education Act Of 1965 Congress passes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to try and balance the inequality of educational opportunities for children of different socioeconomic classes. They sign this act into law in 1965. [...]

The History of Special Education Law

Special education law has a long history in the United States, and it is not always a pretty history. To understand our modern special education system, we need to look at the past. An examination of the history of special education law helps us understand how we arrive at the current state of things. Read on to learn about the history of special education law in the United States. Early Programs The idea of special education first becomes popular in America in the late 1800s, specifically the 1890s. Unfortunately, the earliest programs have some significant issues that limit their ability [...]

Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Everybody gets stressed out about their job sometimes. It is a simple fact of life. However, regular workplace conflict costs businesses productivity and often discourages employees from investing energy in their work. This makes conflict resolution one of the most important skills for workplace leaders to acquire. Read on to learn key tips to avoid conflict in the workplace as well as the steps for conflict resolution. Steps to Conflict Resolution Begin the process by laying down the ground rules of respect and active listening. If nobody lays down those rules, it is easy for the conflict resolution to devolve [...]

July 31st, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: |

Qualities To Look For In A Business Partner

Working with small business law, one of the key components to look at is contract disputes. Unfortunately, those contract disputes are all too often between business partners. To avoid getting to the point where partners are battling one another in the court of law, it is important to know what to look for in a business partner. This week, we are outlining exactly which qualities to look for in a business partner. Shared Vision Of The Future This is perhaps one of the most important things to determine before entering into a business partnership with someone. If the two of [...]

July 24th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , , |

IDEA Compliance: How Does Your State Rank?

Every year the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education evaluates how each estate is maintaining IDEA compliance. They help states see where they need improvement and what they succeed in. Read on to learn about IDEA compliance in your state. The Categories The Department of Education places the states in three categories. Meets IDEA requirements and purposes Needs Assistance to achieve IDEA compliance Needs Intervention to achieve IDEA compliance Additionally there are two parts to IDEA. Part B contains requirements for students ages three through twenty-one. Part C contains requirements for students ages zero to two. The [...]

July 10th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: |

Independent Contractors Vs. Employees: Employment Law

Many small businesses rely on independent contractors for a lot. For some businesses, they are integral to day to day operations. For others, independent contractors are for special projects and services. And with the rise of the gig economy, you’ll probably find yourself using contractors even more often. You can face major penalties if you mix up independent contractors and employees. However, it is important for tax reasons to keep them separate. The IRS uses about 20 factors t0 determine if someone is a contractor or employee. However, there’s really five core issues that the IRS will look at. 5 [...]

June 26th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

Small Business Internet Security and Law: Considerations and Tips

Your small business may need legal protection to fight back against breaches of security. Internet security best practices only go so far. You can do all the right things, and still fall victim to cybercrime in the Florida area. If you do, it’s best to have a lawyer to help you out. Best Practices for Internet Security Proper Training for Employees For a lot of small businesses, breaches occur through employee mistakes. If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve probably had to learn a ton about internet security and best practices over the years to run your business. [...]

June 12th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

What To Consider When Selling Your Business

If you want to try selling your business, then ideally you want to meet certain conditions. Businesses need three good historical years, with a forecast projecting positive growth. Too often, however, the projected results are out of proportion. Read on to learn what business owners must consider when they are selling their business. No New Major Investments It is important to ensure that the fixed assets, such as machines and installations, do not require large (replacement) investments. Optimizing a business for sale implies that no major investments are needed during or shortly after the sale of the business because it [...]

June 5th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , |

Setting Up Contracts & NDAs

Almost every business has or will have to deal with personnel. For this reason, businesses often use employment contracts & NDAs for all employees. Therefore, it is important that this employment contract is correctly setup. The employer lays down the agreements between themselves and the employee in this employment contract. But which agreements do the employment contract cover? Join us as we explain setting up contracts & NDAs. Payment Payment is perhaps one of the most important components of contracts & NDAs. The employee provides labor in exchange for payment by the employer. The activities are laid down in the [...]

May 29th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , , |

Divorce With A Child: How Do You Do That?

Deciding to split up is a tough decision. Divorce with a child in the mix is even more complicated. But if you are unhappy in the relationship, it is usually the best option. Both for you and your children. Although it may be better for the family situation to separate, a divorce has a lot of impact on a child. It is a violent emotional event, with a lot of changes. When breaking up with a child, it's important to avoid a fight divorce. Research has shown that a divorce from combat causes a high risk of behavioral problems in [...]

May 22nd, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , , |

Leasing Office Space: What Costs To Consider

When you are looking at leasing new office space, you only look at the rental price to see if an office is within your budget. The net rent is only part of the total cost of the rent. After all, there are many more costs involved than just the monthly rent. In order to indicate whether an office is cheap or expensive, it is necessary to look at the costs per workplace per employee. When calculating the total costs of leasing an office space, there are several categories that complete the picture. In order to indicate whether an office is [...]

May 15th, 2020|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: , , , |

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