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Compassionate Concern For Your Child’s Special Education Needs

At Thompson Law, we have a passionate interest in laws related to the education of exceptional children. Our founding attorney is the father of a child with special needs. This enables him to understand the struggles Florida parents face when their children have genuine challenges that interfere with their ability to learn.Federal laws address the needs of children with learning disabilities. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to obtain the individualized accommodations your child requires and deserves. We have helped many parents work to gain the cooperation of schools and teachers in an effort to provide the best chances of success for each child. Our law office is in Brandon, and we serve clients throughout the Tampa area.

What Does The Law Offer For My Child?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act guarantees that your child’s disability won’t deny him or her the chance to receive a quality education. IDEA stipulates the following provisions for children with special needs:

  • Public education available to every child at no charge
  • A learning environment that is close to home and doesn’t isolate children because of their disabilities
  • Support services to address the individual educational needs of each child
  • Assessment of a child’s disabling characteristics performed with the consent of the parents

Assessing a child’s needs is the first step to developing an Individualized Education Program. This IEP addresses your child’s strengths and weaknesses and creates a comprehensive plan for maximizing the educational and developmental success of your child.

How A Lawyer Can Benefit You

If you are struggling to convince your child’s teacher or school administrators to assess your child or to implement an existing IEP, we understand your frustration. Attorney Don Thompson knows the resistance parents often face when fighting for the rights of their disabled children. We have helped Hillsborough County parents in gathering documentation, drafting IEPs, advocating for them during meetings and a variety of other tasks.

There is no need for you to add these frustrations to your already overwhelmed life. By contacting us at our Brandon offices, you can request a free evaluation of your case and learn how we can support you. Use our convenient online form or call 813-699-4103 to get started putting your child’s education back on the right track.

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