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Myths About Special Education

Last week, we discussed some myths about gifted students, and this week, we are expanding that discussion to myths about special education. Special education is viewed as a negative thing by many parents. However, special education classrooms provide a supportive atmosphere for students who have alternative education needs. Read on to learn all about myths about special education and why those myths are getting busted. Special Education Classes Are For Students With Severe Disabilities A majority of students in special education actually do not have severe disabilities of any kind. Most students who receive education have a specific learning disability such [...]

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Myths About Giftedness

We have written about giftedness as a type of special education in the past. The “gifted” label is a potentially confusing one, so many myths spring up around giftedness. These myths often seem good, but often lead to a variety of issues for gifted children in reality. This week, we are debunking those myths and pointing out more realistic expectations. Read on to learn exactly which myths about giftedness we’ll be busting. Gifted Students Can't Get Bad Grades There are a wide range of reasons that a gifted student receives bad grades. First and foremost, gifted students who are bored [...]

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What Does Being Gifted Really Mean?

All information for this article is sourced from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).  There are many types of alternative education, including gifted education. While many parents want their child to be gifted, a gifted child often has unique struggles and challenges. So what exactly does it mean to be gifted? Read on to learn key traits of gifted children, as well as to learn exactly what being gifted means. The Definition of Gifted The current definition for giftedness varies from state to state, and even by county. However, the federal government has an established definition of giftedness that [...]

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Tips For A Smooth Divorce Settlement

Everybody knows the statistics about divorce in America, and they aren’t great. With the pretty high chance of divorce, there is an entire industry and around assisting couples through separation. However, this means that the cost of getting a divorce is ever growing. How do couples afford the mounting costs? More and more people are turning to divorce settlement rather than litigation. Read on to learn our top tips to ensure a smooth divorce settlement. Expect The Worst, Hope For The Best When it comes to divorce proceedings, tensions run high. You think you know your spouse, but many people's [...]

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Divorce Counseling: An Important Tool

A wide range of people know about couples counseling and family therapy. However, there is a useful mental health tool that many people don’t know about: divorce counseling. Divorce counseling is actually helpful in many cases, especially for families with children. Read on to learn all about divorce counseling and how this useful mental health tool improves a difficult time. Why Do Couples Need Divorce Therapy? A divorce represents a fairly significant loss – the loss of a relationship. Losing a relationship is more than just ending romantic relationships with an individual. It is the ending of the time and [...]

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Prenuptial Agreements 101

“If you ain’t no punk/holla “we want prenup!” Kanye West’s Gold Digger introduced many children to the concept of a prenup before they even understood love. Prenup is short for prenuptial agreement, but what does a prenup actually do? Read on to learn the basics of prenuptial agreements including what needs to go into one such agreement. What Are Prenuptial Agreements? Prenuptial agreements are private contracts between a couple that they sign before they get legally married. “Nuptials” is another word for the legal vows of marriage, so prenuptial simply means before the vows. Prenuptials dictate how any financial assets [...]

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Websites That Help With Divorce

Going through a divorce is highly stressful, nearly everyone admits that. What most people don’t admit however, is the shame and stigma associated with divorce. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable opening up to their friends about what they’re experiencing. This is especially common within communities where divorce is not spoken about or discouraged. However, nobody keeps emotions like that bottled up forever. When the real world won’t cut it, most people turn to the digital one. There are a wide variety of websites designed to help people during and after a divorce. Read on to learn what divorce websites you [...]

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Co-Parenting During The Holidays, Part Two

As we discussed last week, co-parenting during the holidays is a challenging scenario. Last week we went over how to put the kids first, working with a co-parenting plan, and opening lines of communication. This week, we continue exploring top tips for co-parenting during the holidays. 5) Establish New Traditions The process of establishing new traditions is especially important during the first round of holidays after the divorce. All of the family members that celebrate Christmas are likely feeling similar nerves mixed with holiday excitement. Channel that energy into creating a new tradition for everyone to enjoy. Those traditions provide [...]

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Co-Parenting During The Holidays, Part One

Co-parenting is a challenge even under the best circumstance. The co-parenting during the holidays adds what feels like a million hurdles to the already complicated process. The good news (or bad, depending on your perspective) is that you are not the first nor will you be the last to navigate the holiday season with an ex-spouse. This situation is experienced by many families across the United States. Those parents have plenty of advice for families going through a separated Christmas for the first time. Read on to learn some top tips about co-parenting during the holidays. 1) Always Put The [...]

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State Of Florida Adoption FAQs

Adoption is a wonderful process that brings children and families together. However, the adoption process can seem murky or confusing to potential future parents. Hopefully we can clear up some questions for you, with the help of the Florida Department of Children and Families. This week, we are exploring the most commonly asked questions about adoption. Who Can Adopt A Child? Nearly everybody in Florida can adopt a child. The main reasons that people are ineligible are an inability to provide for the basic needs of a child or a criminal record that includes domestic disturbances or felonies. There are [...]

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The Legal Portion Of Weddings

Weddings are exciting, sometimes so exciting that people forget about the legal side of things. Fortunately, nowadays the process is not too difficult, especially in the state of Florida. We’re here to help ease your wedding stress so you can focus on what matters – celebrating love. Read on to learn tips and the step-by-step process of a legal wedding in Florida. Key Tips The state of Florida offers a marriage preparation course. The marriage preparation course is intended to educate couples on what marriage is truly like. The course teaches conflict management, financial basics, and how to handle marital [...]

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Tips For Adopting An Older Child

In the world of adoptions, any child past the age of a toddler is considered “older”. Once a child hits ages three or four, their chances of getting adopted decrease dramatically. The odds continue to decline every year that the children remain in the foster system. If a child is not adopted by the time they are seven or eight, it is basically certain that they will never be adopted. Instead, these children just age out of the foster system. This is one of the reasons that adopting an older child is encouraged by many agencies. People favor adopting babies [...]

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Tips For Healthy Co-parenting

Co-parenting is a serious challenge for any divorced couple, even if the divorce was amicable. If the relationship between ex-spouses is contentious, that complicates the issue further. However, co-parenting is really important to a child’s mental health, as well as the ex-spouses. Join us as we explore the best ways to co-parent to preserve your sanity and keep your child happy and functional. What Is Co-parenting? Co-parenting is when both parents work together to raise their children even after their marriage is dissolved. Unless the marriage was ended because of domestic abuse, mental instability, or substance abuse issues, co-parenting is [...]

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Jordan’s Law & What It Aims To Do

Jordan’s Law is an endeavor by Florida lawmakers to fix the issues in the state’s child welfare system. No system is perfect, but the gaps in Florida have been exposed by tragic incidents over the past few years. Today, we are exploring Jordan’s Law and how it takes steps to repair a broken system. As a note, this story contains discussion of child death and injury. These subjects are sensitive for many people, and the details may be upsetting. The Florida Department of Families has an online reporting tool for child abuse. You can also reach out to your local [...]

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Emergency Child Custody

.The ultimate goal of nearly every parent is to protect their child from harm. Emergency child custody exists to serve that purpose. Custody concerns are common, yet it is typical for worried parents to have no clue that emergency custody is possible. Read on to learn all about emergency child custody. What Is Emergency Child Custody? Emergency custody protects those who are most vulnerable in a custody situation. Courts issues custody orders to protect children in any number of situations. Parental neglect, abandonment, or abuse. This applies when one or both parents commit the infraction. Unfortunately, it is particularly common [...]

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Guardian Ad Litem 101: An Introduction to Florida’s Guardian Ad Litem Role

A guardian ad litem (GAL) serves a very important role in Florida courts. They advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. GALs are especially important in family law cases. Read on to learn the basics of the guardian ad litem role in Florida’s court. Definitions Guardian ad litem (GAL) A guardian ad litem acts as a voice for an individual in court. A judge may decide that a guardian is needed for a few reasons. The most common reason to appoint or call in a GAL is because there are minors involved. Unfortunately, many times family law cases boil [...]

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Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

Legal separation in Florida is a tricky subject. Unlike other states, Florida does not have an official process of legal separation. However, there are steps that a couple can take to replicate the legal results of a separation. Read on to learn why separation is a viable option for many situations. There are many valid reasons to choose a separation over divorce. A couple’s decisions can be impacted by many variables. Children Parents generally want what is best for their children, and sometimes that means avoiding a divorce. Needing to split from your partner is entirely valid, but it can [...]

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IEPs vs. 504 Plans: What’s The Difference?

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans can both offer immense amounts of aid to disabled students and their families. They also open up communication between the student, their family, the school, and disability experts. If you are a parent to a child with disabilities, you are probably curious about IEPs and 504 plans. Read on to learn more about IEPs vs. 504 plans, and find out what will work best for your family. Where Does It Come From? 504 plans are established via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 while Individualized Education Programs originate from Individuals with [...]

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Breach of Contract 101

Even people not familiar with business law know that breach of contract is not a good thing. What exactly is it? Is it possible to be in breach of contract without knowing it? Join us as we explain breach of contract 101. What Is A Breach of Contract? To define it simply, a breach of contract occurs when one person involved in the contract fails to meet or fulfill at least one of the conditions of the contract. Although, there can be a breach of contract on multiple levels The breach may occur on either side, but common examples include [...]

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Employment Contracts in Florida

Employment agreements are contractual relationships, whether or not there is a signed paper contract. In this day and age, however, it is smart to put together an employment contract. Most of the time, a contract simply ensures that everybody is on the same page. Read on to learn all you need to know about employment contracts. What Are Employment Contracts? Contracts are agreements between two or more parties that set out the conditions of that agreement. Employment contracts do just that, with a job or employment arrangement.  The employer and the employee sit down and outline the terms of employment. [...]

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