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What Happens if Somebody Refuses a Divorce

What Happens if Somebody Refuses a Divorce The decision to end a marriage isn't an easy one. Coming to an agreement to end the marriage can be even harder. There is a notion that if one party refuses a divorce, it can be stopped. This can create a tense, frustrating environment. However, in Florida, this can't happen. A spouse who doesn't want to end the marriage can't stop the process themselves. Instead, this may accomplish making the divorce take longer and cost more. As this can introduce some complications, we'd like to walk you through what the process will look [...]

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Long Distance Custody

Long Distance Custody Divorce is always a complex issue. A person's entire life can get rearranged in a short time. The grieving process eventually heals, and people adapt to a new life. The issue of complexity is exasperated whenever children are involved. As you and your ex go separate ways, what happens to your children when life takes you elsewhere? It's not uncommon for divorced couples to relocate, after all. Is this allowed? Can your ex move your kids away from you? What counts as long-distance custody? Can your ex move out of state? In this article, we'll answer these [...]

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How to Change Registered Agents

How to Change Registered Agents Starting a business in Florida is an exciting prospect. With no income tax and very favorable treatment of businesses, it's a great place to set up shop. But, now that you've finished filing all the paperwork and made your first dollar, you might start to notice something... Things don't always go the way they should. If it's your first business, that's perfectly normal. You'll be learning as you go, no matter how well prepared you may have felt. You may have to change this or that with your business as it grows. But finding out [...]

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Five Most Common Contract Problems

Five Most Common Contract Problems As the owner of a new small business, we will assume you're not an expert yet. That's okay! Even so, if you're not an expert but you know you need contracts, congratulations. You're doing great already. A contract is an essential piece of documentation that helps protect your business. Not all contracts are created equal, though. Just like you wouldn't drive a car missing a front wheel, you wouldn't use a bad contract. Poorly written, vague, and weak contracts can cause many issues. At Thompson Law, we're here to navigate you through your small business [...]

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What is the Mediation Process

What is the Mediation Process Divorce is not an easy subject for anybody. The process can be harrowing for several reasons. However, as of the 1980s, the process has become a little more bearable. This is thanks to the advent of divorce mediation and alternate dispute resolutions. All Tampa Bay area divorce cases now require mediation before going to court, as do many areas in Florida. When families can make their own choices, both parties agree that the process is smoother. Nobody likes having a judge determine what's best for every step of the process. The mediation process, and help [...]

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How to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

How to Protect Your Children During a Divorce Most parents experiencing a divorce do so alongside their children. While it's stressful for everyone, there is no question that children suffer the most. They have no control over what you and your spouse do. They have no control over where they go. It's a scary time for your kids, making it a big worry for you. It's clear why the presence of children makes divorce an all the more emotional and volatile time. For some parents, the idea of protecting their children means custody... Or some other way to have full [...]

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Adoption Challenges to be Aware Of

Adoption Challenges to be Aware Of The legal process of adoption can help new families form lasting bonds. However, the adoptee and adopter often face many stumbling blocks and learning experiences. No matter how noble adoption might be, these issues can complicate the process. Some families find themselves overwhelmed very quickly after adopting. It can feel hard to know how to face them when you're not ready. By preparing yourself ahead of time, you can face these issues as a family. The way you prepare depends on what kind of adoption you have. In the broadest sense, there are open [...]

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What to Know About Florida’s Juvenile Justice System

What to Know About Florida's Juvenile Justice System It's a parent's worst nightmare. Nobody wants to imagine their minor child getting arrested for breaking the law. That first phone call is bound to bring confusion, heartache, and worry. What happens next? Now that your child is in Florida's juvenile justice system, what rights do you have? You're probably wondering if your child will be okay. The good news is that your child will likely face a different set of standards than an adult would. Adult corrections tend to focus on punishment. This isn't always true for juvenile corrections, which focus [...]

March 26th, 2022|Categories: child custody|Tags: |

What is an Emergency Custody Order

What is an Emergency Custody Order We often get asked if parents can file for "emergency custody" of their children. Naturally, divorce and separation cases can take months or years to resolve. This is especially true of emergency custody order cases. Naturally, some parents may want to "speed up" the time it takes to gain custody of their children. When a child is in "imminent danger" from a parent, the other parent can file to prevent contact between the child(ren) and the parent in question. However, as many parents have a different idea of what counts as an emergency, there [...]

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The Dependency Process

The Dependency Process The thought of losing your children keeps parents up at night. It's one of the many fears that the complex divorce process can bring up. For many parents, the nightmare gets worse. The possibility exists that an ex may accuse you of child endangerment or abuse. While you're more likely to face a custody battle, you may find yourself facing the dependency process. You can imagine what a terrifying time this must be for a parent. This article will go over the dependency process and how these cases go in Florida courts. What is a Dependency Hearing? [...]

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How to Start a Business in Florida

How to Start a Business in Florida Many first-time business owners move to Florida to open their businesses. Why would people do that? Is the Sunshine State a good place to start a business? Oh, you bet. Florida is among the top ten fastest-growing states and has been for a long time. Your chances are promising! People love Florida's good weather, the culture, and businesses love the low taxes. Florida is one of the few states with no state income tax. In addition, there are no capital gains or death taxes. The state government even keeps regulation to a minimum. [...]

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What is Divisible Property?

What is Divisible Property? Divorce law is tricky. There are a lot of terms whose meanings may not be obvious right away. One such term that worries many people is "divisible property," or wondering which properties are divisible. "divisible" is a descriptive or qualifying word in the broadest sense. The term you should be zeroing in on is marital property. In a divorce, Florida courts divide and distribute marital property equitably. Therefore, the State of Florida considers marital property divisible. Of course, not every divorce is the same, but equity can mean different things in different cases. This article will [...]

February 26th, 2022|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: |

Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights in Florida?

Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights in Florida? As family law professionals, we know how complex family life can be. For any number of reasons – From valid to petty –, A parent may choose to limit visits between grandparents and grandchildren. Can parents restrict the time children spend with grandparents? Can grandparents fight for visitation or even custody rights? If you have questions about grandparents' rights in Florida, you've come to the right article. First, we will go over what options are available to grandparents and situations that might involve custody. Grandparent Rights in Florida What can they do if [...]

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Who Keeps Pets in a Divorce?

Who Keeps Pets in a Divorce? Many families who have pets consider them a part of the family. We form special connections to our pets. We often give them the same love and energy we give the rest of our family. Our pets grow and develop with us and provide us with important companionship and love in return. So it's no big surprise that couples experiencing divorce often worry about who takes the dog. This is especially true if both parties have a connection to the animal. Is there such a thing as animal custody in Florida? Are there animal [...]

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What is Admissible Evidence in Custody Proceedings?

What is Admissible Evidence in Custody Proceedings? Divorce is hard – You don't need us to tell you that. It's even harder when children are involved. It's understandable. Frequently both parents want to do everything they can to make sure they live with their children. Frequently parents will try to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen their case. Sometimes this is a worthwhile endeavor – Other times, it isn't. There is a wide range of admissible evidence, so it can be tough to tell you exactly what to look for. This is especially true as marriages, divorces, and [...]

February 15th, 2022|Categories: child custody|Tags: |

What is Family Law Mediation?

What is Family Law Mediation? Eventually, you may find that you need a mediator in your divorce. You can ask for mediation services, or the court may see things aren't going well and order mediation. In the State of Florida, mediation provides Family Mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court. In a divorce, it's common for disputes to crop up. It's just as common for these disputes to be irreconcilable between the divorcing parties. This is why mediation services are so useful. Most contested divorce cases find resolution through mediation services. The Florida Supreme Court has guidelines about how long [...]

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What is a Post-Decree Modification?

What is a Post-Decree Modification? When many people get divorced, they assume that the judge's word is final. Many people thus assume that neither party can change how the divorce ruling affects their future. Some situations can let you enact a post-decree modification even after the judge finalizes it. You may think that you and your ex can work this out between yourselves. However, doing things in an informal way like this can open you both up to exploitation and disputes down the line. Courts also don't tend to favor these sorts of arrangements. A court can and will not [...]

February 12th, 2022|Categories: Florida Legal Blog|Tags: |

Is Adoption Right for Me?

Is Adoption Right for Me? Having a child is a major step for many couples ready to move into a new stage in their lives. For some of these couples, adoption seems like an appealing choice. There are many reasons a couple may take an interest in adoption. Some may have medical or ethical considerations. Others may not feel that the burden of pregnancy fits their situation. In homes where the desire to nurture a child's development is strong, many choose adoption. But it is a choice that parents must make after careful consideration. If you're thinking about adopting, ask [...]

February 12th, 2022|Categories: paternity|Tags: |

What Are Florida’s Adoption Requirements?

What Are Florida's Adoption Requirements? Whenever family law involves children, we invoke a common phrase. We frame everything according to the child's best interest. This context allows us to make clear choices that benefit a parent. This is true for biologically related families as well as those who adopt. To protect our children, Florida has adoption requirements that families must meet. These requirements help prepare you for your coming responsibilities. If you are considering adoption, it would be good to inform yourself of the requirements. In this article, we will cover your questions about Florida's adoption requirements in a general [...]

February 12th, 2022|Categories: paternity|Tags: |

Are Custody Laws Different for Unmarried Parents?

Are Custody Laws Different for Unmarried Parents? It's always hard when a family separates. Even when marriage isn't present, a family still is. When that family has children, things are even more difficult. Parents need to try to reach a mutual understanding and compromise when dealing with custody laws. This makes things easier on both the parents and any children involved... But it isn't always easy. The lack of a marriage can also muddy the waters, as most mediation assumes the presence of a divorce. Do unwed fathers have rights in Florida? Can a mother keep the father away in [...]

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