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When DCF Investigates, Who Protects Your Parental Rights?

When the Department of Children and Families shows up at your door, your options are limited. Following up on a report from a teacher, doctor or other concerned citizen, DCF is likely there to investigate allegations that your child is in danger. If they suspect you are harming your child, they will take the child away. You do not want to go through this alone. There is too much on the line.At Thompson Law, we know how zealously the state of Florida works to keep children safe, sometimes at the expense of your parental rights. Attorney Don Thompson is willing to work hard to protect your rights and see your situation toward a positive resolution. Our law office is in Brandon, and we serve clients throughout the Tampa area.

The Dependency Process

A Florida family court will conduct a hearing within 24 hours to decide where your child will remain throughout the child dependency investigation. The safety of your child is first in the mind of the court, and your choice of advocates can make all the difference in the outcome. The dependency hearing will result in the court placing your child in a home apart from you or returning your child to your home under court supervision.

You will receive notification of subsequent hearings during which you will have the opportunity to defend yourself against the allegations. You can admit to the accusations, consent to receiving services to deal with the alleged issues or deny the allegations are true. The action you take at this hearing could affect your family for years to come, so your best advantage will be to obtain solid advice from an experienced advocate.

There are probably few events more terrifying or confusing to parents than when DCF removes their children from the home. Our compassionate attorney can explain the process and guide you every step of the way.

Support During This Difficult Time

While DCF’s goals are to keep children safe and to keep families united, your family is at risk when these agents become involved. DCF may require parents to comply with actions recommended in a case plan or risk the termination of their parental rights. Protecting your family under these circumstances is crucial, and we have the compassion and experience to assist you at this emotional time.

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