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Representing The Child’s Interests As A Guardian Ad Litem

The role of a guardian ad litem is to act in the best interests of the child in custody and visitation matters. In these cases, there are typically three parties, the mother, the father and the child. When providing guardian ad litem services, our job is to ensure that the voice of the child is heard and his or her best interests remain the top priority.In many cases, a child is unable to express his or her concerns or wishes. At Thompson Law, we understand how difficult parenting time disputes can be on the youngest members of the family, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable.

Understanding The Process

The procedure for choosing a guardian ad litem differs from county to county. In some cases, the parties involved in the dispute can choose this person, yet in other counties, the court will retain the responsibility of naming a guardian ad litem.

The person acting as guardian ad litem has one main task and that is to inform the court of the best interests of the child. He or she must seek out the truth in every situation. Our experience in this capacity gives us a keen understanding into how courts make important family law decisions and how to build a strong case on your behalf. Whether you could benefit from these specific services or need experienced guidance with other family law concerns, we can provide the support you need as you pursue your goals.

Under the leadership of our founding attorney Don Thompson, we employ our experience in complex family law matters, litigation skills and in-depth knowledge of Florida laws for the benefit of every client. We want you to feel confident in your pursuit of a positive resolution to your situation, and we understand what it takes to research, prepare and build a strong case.

You Have The Right To Know Your Options

You can seek an explanation of your options and your rights as a parent through a free initial evaluation of your case by an experienced lawyer. Parents in the Tampa area can schedule their appointment by calling 813-699-4103 or emailing us for additional information. Our law office is in Brandon.

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