There are typically several aspects of life that can be difficult for families of divorce in Florida. One of the most important issues to figure out is how child custody issues will work for everyone concerned. If parents can find common ground when it comes to their children, it will likely make matters easier.

A psychologist performed an in-depth analysis of research and scientific data about various forms of child custody and parenting plans. The researcher was particularly interested in the effects of shared parenting on the youngest children. Ultimately, he found that joint custody is best for kids of all ages. More than 100 authorities on the subject agree with his findings.

While it is clear that there are extenuating circumstances when children need to be protected from a parent who is abusive or negligent, for the most part, shared parenting is viewed as being in the kids’ best interests. Another study found that kids who are the product of joint custody agreements did better than kids who came from sole custody environments. Children who had the advantage of experiencing shared parenting fared better academically, emotionally and had fewer behavioral issues. Their physical well-being was also better, and they enjoyed healthy relationships with both mom and dad.

When child custody matters become an issue, it is beneficial for exes to make decisions based on what is best for their kids. Many parents can come to an agreement together about custody and parenting time. However, it may take a family law court to hear both sides and then make an informed decision. A parent who is having difficulties might seek the advice of an attorney who practices family law.