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Thompson Law was founded by Don Thompson in Brandon, Florida. We provide legal services to individuals and small-business owners throughout the Tampa Bay area.

History Of Thompson Law

Although Mr. Thompson expressed a desire to be a lawyer many times in his youth, the twists of life instead embarked him on a career in business. One thing he quickly learned is that small-business owners can’t afford the fees that many lawyers charge.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Thompson established a company with several wealthy investors. Unfortunately, shortly after operations began, he found himself embroiled in a dispute with other shareholders. Litigation consumed his financial resources without a resolution in sight. Rather than giving up, he represented his interests pro se (self-representation without an attorney).

After more than five years, multiple lawsuits, one trial and two appeals, he obtained a settlement. Despite the results obtained, today he sees the folly of a someone representing himself or herself in litigation. However, for Mr. Thompson, that long pro se battle rekindled his desire to become a lawyer.

During the years battling in court, Mr. Thompson founded the Veterinary Center at Fishhawk with his wife, a veterinarian. While running that business, he obtained his law degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2011. He is also the dad of a little boy with special needs. His experiences helping his child obtain the educational resources needed led him to help other families with special needs children.

Mr. Thompson fully understands that many issues demand legal assistance. Yet for most people, the financial burden associated with legal action is too great. It is the desire of Mr. Thompson to help people who have a manifest and justifiable legal need obtain a fair and affordable resolution. Mr. Thompson’s experience in life, balanced with a full understanding of the law, allows Thompson Law to provide legal help that is both affordable and effective.

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