About Thompson Law


Thompson Law is a boutique law firm.   We are focused on offering reasonably priced legal services, assisting people in resolving disputes and problems in an affordable and expeditious manner.   We primarily handle matters involving family law, general business legal issues, special education law, and animal law.   We do not take every client and case. Instead, we seek two primary types of clients.   First, we want to help clients who have life matters in which they are taking a reasonable position and are still unable to avoid legal challenges.   Second, we want to help small business owners be successful, and to help owners avoid huge legal expenses that make corporate representation unattainable with a  small business budget.   Contact us for a free evaluation of your legal issue, and for a determination of our willingness to accept your case.

We are able to consider cases in the following primary areas of law:

FAMILY LAW including adoptions, divorce, child custody and support, paternity, and ancillary proceedings including domestic violence and dependency matters.

GENERAL BUSINESS including entity formation, contract creation and review, employee issues, litigation, and most other general business issues.

SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW including most IDEA IEP issues.

ANIMAL LAW including dog bite and nuisance matters.

CONSUMER LAW with a focus on debt collector issues.

For more details on the matters we handle, visit our pages on each topic.




Although a desire to be a lawyer was expressed many times in youth, after graduating high school in 1983, Don eschewed more formal education and instead embarked on a career in sales.   Quickly learning the art of selling, by 1989 he was managing a sales team for a local funeral home in the pre-need department.   While working for Stowers Funeral Homes in Brandon, Florida in the early 1990’s, he saw an opportunity and formed Florida Cemeteries, Inc which does business as Serenity Meadows Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Riverview, Florida.   After establishing the company with several wealthy investors, and shortly after operations commenced, a shareholder dispute erupted. Mr. Thompson found himself embroiled in litigation that ultimately consumed his financial resources entirely, without any resolution in sight.   Because Mr. Thompson has a warrior’s spirit, the idea of folding and yielding didn’t bear inspection…so pro se representation commenced.   Wisdom now shows the folly of representing oneself in litigation, despite the results he achieved.

After more than 5 years, multiple law suits, one trial and two appeals, the case was settled; but more importantly, a rekindled desire to attend law school was ignited.   So while concurrently beginning a successful multi-doctor veterinary hospital with his wife, a board certified veterinary specialist, he began undergrad courses with the goal of attending law school.   That goal was completed in 2011 with graduation from Stetson University College of Law.   After graduation, Mr. Thompson continued running his animal hospital as well as being a Dad to a little boy with special needs.   He also began teaching as an adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law at Eckerd College Program for Experienced Learners; and served as the executive director for the Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation for several years.

Seeing the need in our community for reasonably priced legal help, Thompson Law was started.   Mr. Thompson fully understands that many issues demand legal assistance, yet for most people the financial burden associated with  legal action is too great.   It is his desire to help people who have a manifest and justifiable issue that needs fair resolution.   His experience in life, balanced with a full understanding of the law, allows him to provide excellent legal help should your case meet our criteria.