Going through a divorce is highly stressful, nearly everyone admits that. What most people don’t admit however, is the shame and stigma associated with divorce. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable opening up to their friends about what they’re experiencing. This is especially common within communities where divorce is not spoken about or discouraged. However, nobody keeps emotions like that bottled up forever. When the real world won’t cut it, most people turn to the digital one. There are a wide variety of websites designed to help people during and after a divorce. Read on to learn what divorce websites you can depend on.


Divorceify is a website designed to link divorcees to professionals who guide them along their journey. Not only the typical divorce attorneys and financial advisors, but life coaches and professional mediators as well. Their goal is to provide those going through divorces with a digital village.

Blog For Your Local Divorce Or Family Law Attorney

Attorneys are there to help people, even those who aren’t necessarily their clients. Nowadays, a majority of attorneys have blog articles or information on their site. It may not be exactly like receiving professional legal counsel, but the articles are written and reviewed by attorneys.


Worthy is a site for selling jewelry, specifically diamond jewelry. They are an expert appraisal site that also auctions jewelry for sellers. This is especially handy if you are planning to get rid of your old engagement and wedding rings. Not only does it enable you to get rid of the rings quickly, you can make some money to help with expenses. Additionally, the site has a quality blog that anyone can glance through.

SAS For Women

An amazing source for women going through a divorce, particularly middle-aged women. While the entire site has amazing solutions, tips, and advice, there I one stand out gem. The 46 Step Divorce Recovery Guide covers every aspect of life for divorcees: mental health, financial stability, life planning. It is a massively positive site of women supporting women. Additionally, they have tons of free stuff that helps women get back on their feet and refocused on themselves.

Meditation Apps

Divorce is overwhelming, for many people it leads to skyrocketing stress and panic attacks. Self-care, now more than ever, is absolutely crucial. So install a meditation app on your phone. There are a wide range of options, so just find whatever works best for you. Even a mere 10 minutes of meditation before bed does wonders for a lower stress level.

Divorce Podcasts

Podcasts are still developing as a form of media. This means that most people tend to overlook them. However, there are some amazing divorce podcasts that help people immensely. Simply go to your podcast provider and search “divorce”. Listen to one or two. Or all of them. There I something highly relieving about hearing someone else talk about their experience out loud.