The impact the coronavirus has had on special education is considerable. Students are home each day, many without formal educational guidance. While these results aren’t intentional, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, children of special education can fall behind. Yet, there are actionable steps that you can take as a parent to champion the education of your special education student. In this article, we will discuss actions you can take to help your child.

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The Impact

We love our teachers. They are the life blood of our educational system, and children learn essential information from them. However, since coronavirus has come into our communities, education just isn’t the same. Teaching has now gone fully online to satisfy the safety requirements everyone needs to abide by.

Still, students who have been reliant upon traditional educational strategies are stressed over trying to teach themselves new online platforms. Granted, students are used to working with computers. But, they are not used to managing their time on their own. Understandably, teachers are also having a difficult time with this transition. For most, if not all of their careers, they have taught solely in the classroom. Now, they have to learn how to teach virtually, a skill that is learned over time.

Let’s not forget the parents. Most likely, parents are now working from home in addition to the normal chores associated with running a household. Through being a teacher into the mix and it’s likely that one or more responsibilities will be lacking in the meantime.

What does this have to do with special education? Everything. Likely, you have experienced the stress that is a part of teaching and maintaining the school work schedule of your child. Your child is likely confused about the current events on top of learning in a new way. Hopefully, your child adapts quickly. Although, you should still inform yourself on the teaching strategies used in the classroom.

Talk To Teachers About Teaching Techniques

Who better to speak to about teaching your child than your child’s teacher? A teacher spends a remarkable amount of time and energy learning about your child. She learns about his habits, his learning styles, his quirks, his energy, and his abilities, just to name a few things. She is the best resource you have for learning how to manage your child’s new educational environment. Here are a few questions you may want to gather advice on:

  • What can I do if my child doesn’t view the virtual classes as actual school?
  • What are strategies you use in the classroom to help my child reach his potential?
  • How do I help lower my child’s stress level?
  • Is there supplemental information that can guide me through the curriculum?
  • Will you have an office schedule where my child and I may reach you?

Remember, teachers are uniquely connected with your child’s learning journey. They are invested in helping you as much as they are with your special education student. Patience is key to this new endeavor. Educate yourself as best as you can, and communicate with your child’s teacher as needed.

Explore County Resources

Your county school system should be staying in contact with you as new details become available regarding the school facilities and services. However, they are probably not as informative about resources they offer in the meantime. That doesn’t mean that learning resources are not available for special education. It may mean that informative needs to be communicated on a case by case basis. For instance, students that have a disability or just need a different learning structure altogether may have other amenities available to them. Of course, this is circumstantiation. Your teacher may have much of this information as well. Yet, in the case that you need more involvement, contact your county school board for additional information.

This pandemic will eventually pass. Until then, stay safe. We are all in this together.

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