How to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

Most parents experiencing a divorce do so alongside their children. While it’s stressful for everyone, there is no question that children suffer the most. They have no control over what you and your spouse do. They have no control over where they go. It’s a scary time for your kids, making it a big worry for you. It’s clear why the presence of children makes divorce an all the more emotional and volatile time.

For some parents, the idea of protecting their children means custody… Or some other way to have full control of their situation. In a Florida divorce, protecting your children starts with how you conduct yourself. However, you can do things to protect them no matter what happens. This article will cover a few important steps you can take to make things easier for your children.

1) Give Them Choices

While children may not be able to make big choices, it’s important that they still feel valued. Children in these situations feel powerless, so even minor concessions go a long way. Let them decide what to have for dinner or what movie to watch. Let them decide where to go if you’re planning a day together.

Children with responsibilities can also feel like they’re a part of your lives. This can be a good time to teach them how to do something. For example, let them take the dog for walks or watch over an easy terrarium. Small duties can go a long way.

2) Control Yourself

No matter what is happening, your child will rely on you and look to you for guidance. Though it can be hard to keep it together, it’s more important than ever during a divorce. The more you can assure your child things will be okay, the better. This goes beyond spoken reassurance. Swallowing tears, frustrations, and outbursts – Carrying on like normal – Will help a lot.

3) Don’t Fight in Front of Them

Short of outright abuse, exposure to heated arguments is one of the most damaging things to a child. You may feel hurt, angry, frustrated, or upset with your ex-spouse. Shield your child – Who is sure to love both of you – From these feelings. If you know you’re going to be angry, talk to your ex at a time when your child is not in the home. Children are smart. They will try to listen in if only to ease their worries.

Give yourself time between hard conversations, even if the other side is pushing. Back to point 2: Control yourself. Never give in to insults or vent your frustrations to your child. This is a hard time for both of you and trying to make your child pick sides will only make it harder.

4) Seek Legal Help

You don’t have to navigate this process on your own. Experienced Family Law attorneys like those at Thompson Law will help you make it through this difficult time. We have been through this process a lot. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll help you through all of it. So don’t be caught alone during these hard days. Give Thompson Law a call today, or visit our website to learn more.