Common Truck Accidents to Expect

Trucks are involved in some of the most severe accidents that occur on highways. Because of the size and weight of the vehicles, large trucks cause tremendous damage to property and injure people when they collide. In fact, a truck accident can be one of the most dangerous and life-threatening situations for drivers in other vehicles. If you’re involved in an accident with a large truck, there are several common types of truck accidents that may occur.

Here are some of them beneath.

Truck Rollovers

If the driver loses control of a truck, it can slide and roll over. This poses a serious risk to other motorists who may be hit by the out-of-control vehicle.

Tire Blowout and Truck Accidents

This can happen to any driver, and it often makes a vehicle move in an unpredictable manner. When this occurs, it can cause a massive amount of damage to surrounding vehicles.

This isn’t uncommon for a truck, but it can pose and even greater risk to other drivers if the trailer or cab loses control.


When a big rig folds itself into the shape of an L, with its cab forming a 90-degree angle to the trailer it’s pulling behind it, that is called jackknifing. This is usually caused by the driver breaking so hard that the trailer slides forward against its own weight, which has already shifted out over the front wheels.

Wide Turns

Trailers make wide turns, and there are usually signs posted on the back of trailers to tell other drivers what a load’s turning radius is. If a driver fails to pay attention, he or she could become stuck. Pedestrians could also be at risk if another driver doesn’t see them walking on either side of the road.

Blind Spots and Truck Accidents

No matter what you are driving, there are always blind spots, but trucks have significant blond spots, which are labeled No Man’s Land. When a truck driver can see other vehicles when changing lanes or turning it can put that vehicle in danger. It can even cause a driver to collide with another car, get crushed, or be forced off the road.

Rear Ending

Trucks require a longer stopping distance than passenger vehicles. The momentum behind them takes a long time to dissipate, and when it can’t the smaller vehicle is easily crushed by the larger one. As a result, serious injuries may occur.

Lost Load

If a load is not properly secured, it can fall off the truck and create an extremely hazardous situation. The best way to prevent this from happening is making sure that your truck is properly secured and that you have the right equipment for the job.

Unfortunately, truck accidents are a common occurrence and can lead many people to need the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer. These large vehicles are important to our economy, carrying goods across the nation—and throughout the world—to meet consumer needs. Truck drivers are an essential part of our society, but they also create risk for other road users when their employers neglect safety measures that could protect both the driver and others. If you have been in a truck accident it may be time to talk to a truck lawyer at Thompson Law!