Co-Parenting and Children

Raising children can be an experience that requires time and care from both parents, but what about when a couple is separated and no longer living together? How do they celebrate holidays as parents to the same children? This can feel almost like an insurmountable task, but it’s not impossible, and could be a lot easier than you think, provided both parties are willing to compromise.

Co-parenting 101

Co-parenting is when both parents are actively involved in their child’s life—whether they’re together or not. It’s a little more than that, though, because another important ingredient is both parties working together for the best interest of their children. Co-parenting includes activities such as both exes having active participation in their child’s schooling, extracurricular activities, and holiday celebrations, coming to a compromise for their kids.

When co-parenting, it’s important to remember that your children are the ones you’re doing this for. Co-parenting provides a stable and loving environment for the children by giving both parents responsibility for them.

Benefits of This Strategy

Co-parenting can bring a lot of joy to children during the holidays.

When both parents are involved in their child’s life, it can help reduce stress for the family. Co-parenting can also help build a stronger relationship between the child and both parents.

Co-parenting has numerous benefits, including:

  • Strengthens bonds between a child and both parents.
  • Helps children feel supported, loved and cared for
  • No fights over the child’s lifestyle
  • Reduces stress
  • Both parents can celebrate important milestones.

Tips for Holiday Co-Parenting

Getting along with your ex during the holidays can be tough, but there are things you can do to make it easier for everyone involved.

  • Plan ahead: Try to plan ahead with your ex for the holidays so that you can enjoy them, instead of feeling stressed out.
  • Contact your ex-partner: This is the biggest part of co-parenting. If you can’t talk with your ex partner, everything falls apart. Ask about plans for the holidays and discuss any changes.
  • Put your kids before everything else: Remember that co-parenting is not about pleasing each other or getting along, it’s about your kids. Keep your children’s best interest in mind when making decisions about the holidays.
  • Enjoy your time together: Spending time with your kids–and even your ex-partner!–should be a something enjoyable, not upsetting! You can celebrate holidays, milestones, and life together as a couple.
  • Be flexible: Things don’t always go the way you and your ex have planned them out, so relax and go with the flow if they change.

Family Comes First

If you decide to co-parent with an ex, it’s important not to let emotions get in the way of making good decisions for your child. Although co-parenting may not be ideal for everyone, it can be a real blessing to families at any time of the year, but especially now around the Christmas season.

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