Adoption Challenges to be Aware Of

The legal process of adoption can help new families form lasting bonds. However, the adoptee and adopter often face many stumbling blocks and learning experiences. No matter how noble adoption might be, these issues can complicate the process. Some families find themselves overwhelmed very quickly after adopting. It can feel hard to know how to face them when you’re not ready. By preparing yourself ahead of time, you can face these issues as a family.

The way you prepare depends on what kind of adoption you have. In the broadest sense, there are open and closed adoptions. Open adoption is an adoption where both sets of parents share information openly. The child in an open adoption knows who their birth parents are, and they are often still involved. In open adoption families, the child may even be in contact with their birth family.

On the other hand, closed adoption does not allow for this contact or disclosure. Already, even in the broadest sense, you can see how problems may develop. This article will cover four of the common issues facing new adoptees and old alike.

1) Money Troubles

Having a child is an expensive, sometimes unpredictable way of life. One thing you can rely on is the need for money. Depending on how you adopt, the adoption may cost more. Some private agencies charge extra, and international adoptions almost always do. Sometimes you may wind up paying for the birth mother’s expenses. Many things can rack up a cost, so be sure you have a comfortable margin.

2) Healthcare Issues

Any medical problem – Whether directly related to the child’s health or not – Can take its toll. Closed adoptions may not provide you with all of the information you need. Even open adoptions sometimes lack the presence of a birth father. This makes a full medical history hard to obtain. These histories are important in providing full care to the child.

Some children have a serious illness or condition that requires long-term care. Preparing for this emotionally and financially can be difficult without information. Information about trauma, neglect or developmental delays will help immensely.

3) Emotional Hurdles

Adoption is a complex process. It can be a struggle for many children to understand where they fit into the world. As a result, they may go through a cycle of “norming and storming.” When a child is norming, they are trying hard to appear carefree to avoid upsetting you.

The strain this causes can lead to children lashing out at you, others, or themselves. The struggle to adapt to a new family is more prevalent with older adoptions. It may feel like a bad fit for you, too. In an open adoption, the birth parents may get second thoughts or try to monopolize the child. Be ready for these times.

4) Legal Adoption Challenges

Knowing the legalities surrounding adoption as a top priority would be best. Communication with the birth parents can be very important, as well. Situations where a mother decides to give up the child on her own, can cause problems. The father may be able to seek legal action in these cases. There are numerous other pitfalls to avoid.

Whether you have questions about the legal side of adoption or what to expect, give Thompson Law a call. Once you know about the challenges you might face, you can prepare better. Being prepared is one of the best things you can do for your new family.