Legal separation in Florida is a tricky subject. Unlike other states, Florida does not have an official process of legal separation. However, there are steps that a couple can take to replicate the legal results of a separation. Read on to learn why separation is a viable option for many situations.

There are many valid reasons to choose a separation over divorce. A couple’s decisions can be impacted by many variables.

  1. Children

Parents generally want what is best for their children, and sometimes that means avoiding a divorce. Needing to split from your partner is entirely valid, but it can upset any children you share. A separation is often easier for a child to understand than divorce. Their understanding means that a separation is also easier to digest emotionally.

For your little ones, the change can be a world of difference. A divorce is often interpreted as the dissolution of the family. A separation is a bit of a softer arrangement. Children often view a separation as an intense argument between mom and dad.

  1. Looking to the Future

Plenty of people view separation as a stepping-stone to divorce – which it can be. However, some people do not want to end their marriage over short-term concerns. This outlook is often applied in situations where there is hope for the future of the relationship. In this case, the separation is caused by a concern in the short-term.

Typically, short term concerns stem from mental health issues. A legal separation is the driving factor that some people need to seek help. It can act as an ultimatum, or as a temporary solution. Once the short-term issue is resolved, or they plan to resolve it, a couple can end the separation.

A divorce is much more difficult to “undo” than a separation. There is a permanence in divorce that removes a lot of hope from the situation. A separation allows for infinitely more communication than a divorce.

  1. Religion

Many people view their marriages as a spiritual relationship as well as an emotional and romantic one. For certain religions or denominations, divorce is simply not an option. In order to maintain their religious vows, individuals can opt for a separation rather than a divorce.

A separation can be used as a way to stay safe and/or sane without going through with a divorce. It provides space from a partner without ending the wedding.

  1. Money

The average divorce in Florida costs $14,000 and lasts nearly a year. If kids are in the picture, that cost goes up to $20,000 and goes on for almost 17 months. Yet, the median income for the state is $52,000. That means people can spend nearly half of their annual income to get a divorce.

These numbers may motivate some people to remain married. Yet, it is not a good idea to remain trapped in a situation that makes you unhappy or endangered. Separation gives people an out that costs a fraction of what divorce does.