Everybody knows the statistics about divorce in America, and they aren’t great. With the pretty high chance of divorce, there is an entire industry and around assisting couples through separation. However, this means that the cost of getting a divorce is ever growing. How do couples afford the mounting costs? More and more people are turning to divorce settlement rather than litigation. Read on to learn our top tips to ensure a smooth divorce settlement.

Expect The Worst, Hope For The Best

When it comes to divorce proceedings, tensions run high. You think you know your spouse, but many people’s attitudes blindside their ex-partner. It is important to enter the mediation with the lowest expectations possible. Go into the situation prepared to lay out what you want and hope that is what you get. However, there is a fairly high probability that your ex-spouse will push back against one or more points. While it is important to maintain a positive attitude, it is always best to expect the worst, but hope for the best.

Maintain Organization

As we stated previously, the best plan is to go into mediation knowing exactly what you want. Work with a legal representative or use online resources to build an organized starting point for mediation. Try to remember key points, such as who gets the house, the custody arrangement for any children involved, as well as division of assets.

Entering into a mediation session unorganized goes one of two ways. If both spouses are disorganized, nothing gets done because nobody is sure exactly of what they want. However, if one spouse is organized and the other is not, the organized spouse nearly always gets what they want.

Go To Therapy

Nothing gets done in mediation when couples bear animosity toward one another. It is natural to feel a wide range of emotions when going through a divorce. Those emotions, if left unchecked and uncontrolled, spring up at unusual times, including during mediations. For the divorce settlement process to go smoothly, it is smart to see a therapist.

Seek Out An Experienced Mediator

The settlement process seems scary to many people. How do you divide up a life that two people have built together? Even with a legal representative to guide you, there is still the daunting task of compromising with a soon-to-be ex-spouse. The key to a satisfying settlement is an effective mediator. Seek out someone who has a strong background and good reviews in settlement experiences.

Give The Mediation Enough Time

People experience quite a bit of stress while going through a divorce and the settlement process. Even if both spouses are organized, the debating and compromising takes time. Do not walk into a mediation expecting to only give an hour of your time. Clear your schedule and ensure that you are allowing yourself ample time after the meeting too. After mediation, it is unlikely that you will be skipping with joy. Give both yourself and your ex-spouse the space to heal emotionally.