Many Floridians know that divorce issues between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been hitting the national news for two years now. The pair recently consulted with a child custody evaluator, and they may have finally come to an agreement regarding the custody of their six kids. While those details have not yet been released, it is assumed the Pitt and Jolie understanding could be temporary. Right now, however, there is no need for a previously scheduled custody hearing.

The two reportedly worked out a compromise in June so the children could enjoy separate vacation plans with mom in London and dad in Los Angeles. Now that a new school year is beginning, it seems apparent that Brad and Angelina decided the time has come to make it all work out.

When the news first broke out about the impending divorce, Pitt was under investigation by child protective services. While he was not found at fault for any wrongdoing, he was only allowed supervised visits with his children for a length of time. In August, Jolie claimed her soon-to-be ex-husband had not adequately supported the children since the separation, but Pitt vehemently denied those accusations.

It is true that child custody issues can become messy, and it may take some time to create a workable plan. A divorce attorney who understands family law may help with the various processes required to keep the best interests of the kids intact. There are often questions during a divorce and child custody process, but finding the right answers does not have to be complicated. When tempers flare and divorcing parents disagree, legal counsel can help them make wise decisions that will benefit everyone involved.