Adoption is an amazing process that connects children who need a home with parents who want a child. However, the adoption process itself is fraught with forked paths and confusing instructions. This week, we are breaking down the adoption process into understandable steps to help potential parents understand. Read on to review the adoption process step-by-step.


As stated above, the adoption process is highly complicated and there are many different possible paths. This article is intended as a general guide for the adoption process, not a precise map.

Step One: Decide On The Type Of Adoption You Want

There are many paths to adoption, and many factors to determine which one is right for you. There are a handful of key factors to consider.

  1. What age would you like to adopt?
  2. Where do you want to adopt from? Domestic or international?
  3. Should the adoption be opened or closed?
  4. Private or public adoption?

Cost plays a huge factor in many of the decisions, for ideas on funding for adoption, check here.

Step Two: Select An Adoption Professional

Not every adoption organization provides every level of adoption support. Seek out the organization that best suits your needs.

Once you choose your adoption professional, the direct steps toward adoption begin. Potential parents have to fill out an adoption application and create an adoption plan. Finally, you create your Adoptive Parent profile, which is distributed to potential birth parents. Some agencies help create the profile in-house, but with other organizations, you need to turn to an adoption lawyer.

Step Three: Homestudy Time

Every potential adoptive parent or parents must complete a homestudy in order to be considered for adoption. A licensed professional has to conduct the homestudy, typically it is a state social worker. The inspector checks the home and living space of the potential parents. Additionally, they conduct interviews with friends and family.

The agencies are looking for a variety of different facts about the potential parents.

  • Family background: medically and legally
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Relationships: from family to romantic relationships to friendships
  • Prior childcare experience
  • Financial health, which translates to the ability to provide for a child.

Step Four: Find A Child Who Needs A Home

Parents looking to adopt an infant usually seek out a birth mother. On the other hand, couples seeking to adopt someone older seek out a list of children waiting for adoption. For parents adopting older children, you need to meet the individual child. Get a feel for them, their personality, and how they will fit in your home.

Step Five: Petition For Adoption & Finish Up The Adoption Process

When you connect with a child, it is time to file for adoption! Hold your breath and lean on both your adoption professional and adoption lawyer. Be aware that adoptions sometimes fall through, particularly with infant adoptions.

There is a finalization hearing to make everything formal at the end of the process. It should last a maximum 30 minutes. After that hearing, you are a family!