Parents in Florida who decide to divorce may be concerned about how their decision to end their marriage could affect their children’s education. Every new school year is accompanied by change and the excitement and apprehension that can surround it, and it also brings new teachers, classes and even friends. When parents have divorced before their kids go back to school, there are opportunities to bring these times of transition together in order to support the children and their academic achievement.

Parents and children can come together to make a plan for the year to come. They can discuss issues together like academics, grades and relationships with classmates. Even after a divorce, it can be important for both parents to sit down with the children to make some common goals. This way, parents can support their child’s achievements and both can envision ways that they can help and assist during their parenting time.

With each new school year, parents may also face additional and unforeseen expenses. Kids need funds for extracurricular activities, costumes, field trips and special events. While child support payments are meant to cover usual expenses, parents may want to consider making an agreement about these types of costs in the divorce agreement. By planning ahead about how these costs will be split, divorced parents can support their children’s active involvement in their communities. Parents may also want to consider how older children will be taught financial responsibility.

When parents divorce, they both often remain equally committed to their children. A family law attorney can help a divorcing parent advocate for his or her interests and work to achieve a fair arrangement for children’s educational expenses, child custody, parenting time and other legal issues.